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Asthma is a condition that affects children and adults from all walks of life in every country. In most cases the huge impact on life and continual suffering accepted as 'part of asthma' are unnecessary. By learning to manage, understand and cope with this condition, you should be able to improve your quality of life and avoid possible life threatening attacks. This site is about providing you with the information and means of helping you achieve this.


The Asthma Assistant Application has been designed to make monitoring your asthma quick, easy and informative. It allows you or your family to track peak flow, symptoms, triggers and medication on a daily basis. Through this you are able to produce detailed reports
which provide a comprehensive feedback on your condition. Using this program can help you or your family to achieve confidence and success in understanding, managing and controlling this condition.

The product is free for personal usage. We would recommend that you demonstrate the printed reports to your doctor for his or her approval. This is because the management of Asthma can vary and they may consider the application unsuitable for their management style.

The main program features are summarised below.

Please Note: This software is intended to be used in conjunction with your doctor and is NOT designed as a replacement for professional care or advice.